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Red meat linked to diabetes risk: The study, which included around 210,000 men and women, found that after adjustment for other risk factors, the pooled HRs for a one serving/d increase of unprocessed, processed and total red meat consumption was 1.12, 1.32 and 1.14 respectively.

Why Central Europe

Universal healthcare, strong scientific base, fine universities and relatively low costs make this region unique destination for worldwide medical tourism. Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic are all members of European Union, with their skilled physicians regularly working at British and other Western European hospitals and clinics.

Historically, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and some areas of Poland have been part of the Austrian Empire for centuries. German language used to be universally spoken and most medical literature here is translated from German until this day.

Central European townThe Central-European countries belonged to the so-called Eastern Bloc between 1948 and 1989. Since then a new generation of surgeons have been trained while using the state-of-the-art equipment and modern methods of treatment. Still, the GDP, consumer prices and salaries didn’t reach the western levels yet. This paradox situation enables western patients to be treated by doctors with the same professional qualities as in their home countries, while paying just a fragment of the price (typically around one-third). As an example, Czech doctor working in a hospital will earn around 1,500 British Pounds a month, which includes extras for additional working hours, weekends etc. Without them his or her salary would be around 1,000 BP. Doctors in Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are not better off (which explains why so many Hungarian physicians fly to the UK for weekend duties).

Being part of the EU, the lack of proper supervision, certification and state control is not an issue (please read a special article on that topic here) and membership in professional chambers of physicians and dentists is mandatory.

Of course there are some less-skilled surgeons in Budapest and Prague just as they are in Manchester and Dublin. We are therefore listing some plastic-surgery clinics in each country that gained universal acceptance for the quality of their treatments. Please notice that it is impossible to enter our list for a payment. This should ensure the objectivity we try to achieve.

Obviously you may find a great and hugely skilled doctor/clinic that we do not list. There are definitely many of them out there. It doesn’t mean we question their qualities but simply that we didn’t have the opportunity to make sure they follow highest standards in plastic surgery.

On the other hand, the fact that we endorse a clinic or a surgeon doesn’t mean that we take responsibility for their performance – this is quite obvious but please read our disclaimer for details.